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I graduated college looking to get out there in the real world. Needing to put my time and skills to the test while job hunting, I decided I would start working on crafting and participate in fairs on the side. From there, I developed more and more products hoping to share my love for art and illustration.

The coolest part about making stuff is watching the smiles on peoples faces when they purchase your product.


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Looking for custom design work? I got you covered!

Interested in starting a project?  I am currently available for freelancing opportunities and private commission work for Web Design (and site customization), Graphic Design, Logo/ Branding and Illustration.

My goal is to also try and start up craft fairs in the fall 2019. Stay tuned for more information on the products and crafts I plan to be selling!

I am currently not accepting any plush commissions at the moment. 

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