Kristina is so clever, creative and inspiring person. whatever she is working on she always proficient it so fast and better than anyone. she is having lots of talents and she is big addition to any person work with her

Osman Assem

Founder, Osman Assem Web & Graphics

I believe I have to thank Kristina as one of the biggest reasons to why I am a graphic artist. Learning the foundation of design was a struggle in many classes for myself. Kristina had notice that, and as a senior, offered some guidance which still lead me to remain in this field. She spent many hours working with myself, teaching the basics, software use, and managing many tasks at once. She was able to tutor as well as manage a large amount of tasks easily at once. I still thank Kristina even today for helping me become more confident in myself, as well as becoming a better designer.

Michael Fitzgerald

Student Graphic Designer

Kristina is very passionate about her work and offers amazing quality, creativity and results. I can honestly say that Kristina is a valuable asset to my company and I am proud to have her as part of our team!


Founder, MidHill IronWorks

I was so excited to find Kristina and her website when searching for Axolotl plush animals six months ago. After extensively searching, Kristina was the only person who made Axolotl plush’s that were very accurate. I contacted her in hopes that she could help provide these stuffed animals for my charity, Lotl Love and Lotls for Littles, which promotes the critically endangered Axolotls. She responded very quickly, offering so much more by using her artistic talents and unique creativity. Immediately, she wanted to help in so many ways, above and beyond what I could have hoped for. I would like to stress how wonderful it is to work with Kristina. For example, I have no experience with website design, but she taught me the basics. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding copyrights and the legal system as well. Furthermore, she is genuinely excited about the charity’s cause, and continually offers ideas and assistance. Kristina always remains very professional, while being so much fun to work with. Although my fiancee and myself created our charity, we feel like Kristina is just as much a partner. At least once a week, she will e-mail me with a whole list of new ideas for the charity. She takes it upon herself to create different items, mock ups, and graphic designs. She transforms my very plain words into graphics, pictures, logos, and fact sheets. I am very picky about the design and quality of any work for my charity, yet everything Kristina makes is perfect! Kristina clearly puts a lot of time and effort into all of her work. Instead of just receiving top quality Axolotl plush animals from Kristina, we have so fortunately gained a website, a partner, and a very dedicated Axolotl enthusiast and friend! Thank you, Kristina, we sincerely enjoy working with you and having you as part of our team…


Founder, Lotllove