Tylonproducts- Logo & Branding

Tylonproducts has been my online identity for many years (since I was in 7th grade, roughly in 2002). Originally, Tylonproducts was more of a website to show off my cartoons and art and has recently undergone a total transformation- from my fun, hobby-like cartoons and comics more to plush and crafting seeing crafts are actually a product.

What is Tylonproducts though? Well, back when I was a kid (about 6 years old) I created this Velociraptor dinosaur creature named Tylon- who was bright and colorful and fun. Throughout the years, that character has grown with me in everything I do.

Below is a more recent illustration of Tylon, the inspiration behind this logo:




  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

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Johnson & Wales University; College Project

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