Ksavasta- New Logo 2018

I have been struggling with re-working my own personal logo, and I wanted something that (in all honesty) was really different than many of the clean-cut design logos I have seen.

When most people reference my work- they think of my illustration and crafts. While those are only portions of what I do, the whole fun and whimsy feel is something I enjoy- and plan on continuing as my image. I wanted something that 100% speaks me- quirky and different.

Everything in this logo is my design and idea; even the font is my own. It’s meant to show something none of my logos have ever shown before- the fun and creative side of design mixed with illustration all with my own elements mixed in. Perhaps, that is why this one is special to me. To be able to illustrate and show that fun side (and also learn a little bit about making fonts).

Tools Used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Macbook Pro

General Information

  • Client: Personal/ Myself
  • Date Published: Dec 2017

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