A Drawing a Day . . .

The start to my love for pattern art


In 2017 I started what I would call “a drawing a day”. My goal was to draw one little thing a day and I did this to keep my creative juices flowing. Little did I know that small goal of mine would lead to something so much more than I thought.

Through the years this evolved into actually adapting artwork on all kinds of products such as hand made greeting cards, scarves, notebooks, calendars and more.

Pattern Designs 2019

Pattern Designs 2018

Pattern Designs 2017

Pattern Designs 2016

Pattern to Product

Products designed with patterns in mind


There is more to my patterns than just fun whimsy art. I have also gone as far as trying to adapt my patterns to different types of surfaces and products. Some range from mock ups to small batch product runs of specialty items such as calendars, scarves, mugs and more. 

Small batch items are available through my ETSY shop and through my craft shows at the moment. Some art is available for purchase through my redbubble shop as well.


Calendar Project

12 months filled with strange holidays 

I started the calendar project in 2019 which consisted of just close family and friends. As other people started to look into it, it became a hit! Filled with original artwork and strange holidays, this calendar is anything but normal!

It’s weird. It’s strange. It can be alotl fun!