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Crafting for a Cause . . .

Taking illustration & design to another level 

Back in 2013 when I worked helping out a family friend at his machine shop, he got me into the world of crafting and watching a design taken from concept to a full complete product. Not just the entire creation from start to finish, but also to the extent of attending craft shows and interacting with various customers and generating displays for a variety of product types. 

In my free time I love making things. The thought of somebody purchasing my artwork on a product, whether it be a greeting card, scarf or pair of earrings, I love the interaction and the satisfaction of knowing that somewhere, out there, my art could bring a smile to someone. 

Booths & Set Ups

A little visual to my world 

One of the things I love about crafting is how you can set your booth up differently for different seasons and events. Below is a little insight on my setups for some of my shows.