Carlos Franco (Illustration/ Game Design)

Carlos has been a good friend of mine for many years and has also been a huge inspiration as far as art goes. We are always bouncing ideas off each other, providing feedback, criticism, etc and it’s great to have someone who is familiar with artistic terms and knowledge.

Carlos also holds a master’s degree in game design; and his artistic specialty areas are character design, illustration and he also does great weapon designs if you ever need awesome concept art for your story and/or game.

Interested in learning more about Carlos and seeing some of his work? Check out his website!


Bryan and B-rapsstudios (Photography)

I met Bryan in college, where we shared a lot of art and design classes together (and even competed in design competitions!). After graduation, Bryan started up his own photography gig- and is phenomenal at capturing that special moment. Bryan specializes in wedding photography, although he doesn’t shy away from other opportunities such as engagements, family, portrait, modeling, maternity and more!

He’s also a great person to work with and occasionally sells his prints from time to time (so snag them up before they are gone!).

MidHill IronWorks 

I first started helping out Andre (founder of MidHill IronWorks) and his team when I graduated college. I started learning about machining and got to try my hand at even working a CNC Plasma Cutter in the MidHill shop- which was a really cool experience! I started to help Andre develop a website for his business and products which was really a blast- I learned so much from him and his team. From time to time- I also got to help design some of his products (ie- custom metal art, signs and candle holders) so it was really cool being able to see how design can be applied to different industries- from the sheet of metal all the way up to the cutting and powder coat finishing. I even got to attend some craft shows!